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Name: Jack Wong
Tel: +86-577-61713585
Mobile: +86-18957739160
E-mail: sales@wattbest.com
Add: Huancheng East Road,Houjie Industrial Zone,Liushi,Yueqing,China,325604
Skype: wattbest
Skype: wattbest sales@wattbest.com

About Watt



Watt Electric International Group Co.,Limited have been created in 2007 to provide complete solutions for the Energy sector ,mainly power generation ,transmission and distribution markets. Watt Electric International Group Co.,Limited is able to lead turn-key projects and also cooperate in specific parts of engineering projects .Regarding products, Watt Electric International Group Co.,Limited is creating a solid sales and distribution network in order to manage the main components involved in the energy sector and markets. Its team is composed by experienced personal that have worked for well known companies, and is able to deal with both private and state owned companies. Its headquarters is located at Hongkong China,consist of Many professional manufacturers Located in Shanghai,Nanjing,Xi/an,Wuhan,Wenzhou etc. Cities of China Mainland.And now also have an exclusive agents in India.In the future,the Watt will set up more and more agents in the world

Orders Intake: 

Watt Electric International Group Co.,Limited has won many orders for World markets,Like Korea,Myanmar,Malaysia,Thailand,Zambia,Argentina,Honduras,India etc.

Scope Of Business: 

Overhead line electrical material,Like Switch Equipment(Fuse Cutout ,Surge arrester,Disconnecting switch,fuse link etc), Polymeric Insulator,Polymer Insulator,Power capacitor ,Distribution Box ,meter,meter box,electric power fittings,HRC fuse etc.