S9 series 35kv distribution transformer

S9 series 35kv distribution transformer

Manufacturer of S9 series 35kv distribution transformer,35kv transformer

  • Product No.: S9 series 35kv distribution transformer


 1. Standards: GB1094-1996; JB/T10088-2004; GB/T6451-2008; EQV IEC60076 
2. Voltage Grade: 33kV
3. Voltage Regulation Mode: Off circuit tap changing or on load tap changing
4. Tapping Range: ±5%, ±2×2.5%, ±4×2.5% or others
5. Frequency: 50Hz; 60Hz
6. Phase: Three phase
7. Connection Sign: Yyn0, Dyn11 or others
8. Short Circuit Impedance: Standard impedance (For details see technical data sheet)
S9 35kV transformer equipped characters as low loss, low noise, strong protection for thunder and lighting, well anti-shortcut capacity and fine appearance etc. It combines advanced equipments and manufacturing process, and it has four remote functions: remote communication, remote test, remote adjustment and remote control. By remote control from a computer, the power station could be work without any works on watch on the night. "S9" 33kV series energy saving transformer has passed the test by National Mechanical & Industrial Bureau and National Power Company. 33kV series transformer mainly used in power network, and the projects of power distribution
Core equipped with advanced three steps: vertical and horizontal and horizontal cut, lap and multi-stage. It disperses the air distribution, improve the magnetic path. Decrease the no load loss, no load current and noise
Core adopts series measures dragged panel, pressed the coil, particular glue for silicon steel to increase the strength of mechanism
New structure of high and low voltage winding, reasonable arrangement for oil tube and connection which increasing the capacity of mechanical strength and anti-shortcut
The tank is bell type or core suspension type, the wall of tank is as wave form

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