power capacitor

power capacitor

power capacitor for Bangladesh

  • Product No.: 201633162738


Product technical parameters
1, rated capacity: 50-500kvar 
2, rated voltage: 1-21kV
3, Capacitance Deviation -5~+10%. 
4, loss tangent (TG delta) = 0.02% 
5, impregnating agent: two aryl ethane (or benzyl toluene) 
6, solid material: polypropylene film 
7, according to user requirements can be equipped with built-in discharge resistors and internal fuse 
8, over load capacity: 
9, the capacitor allows for a long run in the 1.1Un (8 hours per 24 hours). 
10, capacitor allows continuous operation under 1.3In
11, capacitor implementation standards: GB/T11024, IEC60871


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