Watt Electric Group Limited

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Contact Us

Name: Jack Wong
Tel: +86-577-61713585
Mobile: +86-18957739160
E-mail: sales@wattbest.com
Add: Huancheng East Road,Houjie Industrial Zone,Liushi,Yueqing,China,325604
Skype: wattbest
Skype: wattbest sales@wattbest.com

How to contact with you for the inquiry?
Every person can send the email to sales@wattbest.com directly.Then the  customer service staff will arrange the major workers contact with you within 24 hours.
Can you provide all the items that we need?
Yes, we have a profesional team can solve all your question and your demand.
How to ship goods to us?
We can ship all the goods to you by air or express or sea.However anyway we can use.
Can you ship goods by DHL?
Yes, we can ship goods by any express. Likes DHL,FEDEX,UPS,TNT,SF and so on.And we can save shipping cost if you like freight prepaid.
How many days you can finish the customized goods?
We will reply you within 2 working day.Also tell you how to carry on your demand.