S9 11KV distribution transformer

S9 11KV distribution transformer

produce of S9 11KV distribution transformer,11kv transformer

  • Product No.: S9 11KV distribution transformer


 1. Standards: GB1094-1996; JB/T10088-2004; GB/T6451-2008; EQV IEC6 0076
2. Voltage Grade: 6, 11kV
3. Voltage Regulation Mode: Off circuit tap changing or on load tap changing
4. tapping Range: ±5%, ±2×2.5%, ±4×2.5% or others
5. Frequency: 50Hz; 60Hz
6. Phase: Three phase
7. Connection Sign: Yyn0, Dyn11 or others
8. Short Circuit Impedance: Standard impedance (For details see technical data sheet)
New type of S9、S9-M series three phased oil-immersed transformer uses new structures of insulation and anti-shortcut etc. Which approach advanced international standards Comparing to S7 series, the no load loss decreases 10.25% in average, no load current decreases 37.9%, load loss decreases 22.4% in average, it is the renew products for saving energy
Low losses, energy saving
Core is in round form, multi-stage, and entire tilted three stages seaming and lapping structure
High and low voltage coils are winding with oxygen free copper coil. All high voltage coils are made with several layered bucket structure
Reasonable structure
New typing parts and fastener

Distribution transformer:

Special and service conditions for transformer :


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